• Image of 185mm fullered sanmai
  • Image of 185mm fullered sanmai
  • Image of 185mm fullered sanmai
  • Image of 185mm fullered sanmai

This knife has a blade of Japanese Hitachi "Aogami Super" high carbon tungsten steel sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel. That means that the sides are stainles, while the core retains the high hardness, edge retention and sharpenability of a carbon steel, but it is still reactive and will still require the same maintenance as a fully carbon steel blade (see care section).
On one side of the blade is what is known as a food release fuller, which means that this knife is designed for use by a RIGHT HANDED person (sorry for the caps, but it's an important detail!), though it can be used by left handed people too, of course, without loss of its primary function.
The hexagonal section handle is carved from semi fossilized oak that collapsed into the anglia Fens some 5000 years ago when water levels rose and swamped Eastern England.
The edge on this knife is, like all my knives, very fine and quite hard, to be used for cutting vegetables and boneless meats only
The specifications are as follows, please read the "care and guarantee" section of this website before purchase;

Blade length: ca. 210mm
Handle length: ca. 124mm
Heel height: ca. 45mm
Spine thickness at heel: ca. 3.0mm
Spine thickness 20mm from tip: ca 1.5mm
Balance point: last picture

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