The knives I make are made of carbon steel. The only disadvantage of carbon steel (as opposed to stainless) is that it is reactive. The wood I use for the handles is also a natural material and will age, weather and patinate over time. With a little care, and by following the guidelines below, your knife will build up and maintain an attractive and protective patina, and will serve you for a lifetime.


In the case of a fault or failure in the manufacture or materials of your knife rendering it unfit for purpose, I offer a full refund of both the cost of the knife and postage, and will pay for return postage, OR I will replace the knife and cover the cost of postage. 

This guarantee does not cover any failure due to the abuse of the knife, natural weathering or corrosion of the steel or wood, and does not cover any patination, etching or other surface treatment of the steel or wood.

In the case that the purchaser wants to return the knife for any other reason, I will refund the cost of the knife as long as it is returned within a reasonable timeframe and in a reasonable state, but any fees incurred (e.g. Paypal fees or similar, duty and/or customs fees) will be deducted and the cost of postage will not be refunded.

My guarantee does not cover knives damaged by misuse or abuse, neither does it cover reasonable wear and tear, though I am very happy to refurbish or refresh knives I have made for a small fee.


-If you leave your knife wet, it will rust. Please keep it dry after use.

-If you leave it dirty, it will stain. Please wipe away food regularly during and after use.

-Please never put your knife in a dishwasher  

-I temper my knives considerably harder than most kitchen knives. This allows for a particularly fine and durable edge, but the flip side is that they are less tough than softer knives and will not sustain abuse.

-Thus, please do not use your knife for any purpose for which it was not intended, i.e. cutting food.

-Please do no not use it to chop through bones

-Do not use it as a screwdriver/prybar/machete, etc

-Do not use it sideways to smash garlic, particularly sanmai construction.

-If you drop it, it may chip or lose its tip.

-Please keep the handle dry and clean after use. It is made of natural, untreated wood, and will benefit greatly from the occasional application of a suitable oil or wax.

-Your knife can be kept keen by stropping on leather, cardboard or newsprint. More comprehensive resharpening can be done with a suitable water or oil stone. Please do not use a steel on your knife. It may chip the edge.